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9 Work at Home Jobs You Have to Check Out

Work from home options Tired of working at a job you do not enjoy? Want to have an income from home? When you have the Internet, you can work virtually in many different job types. Depending on your interests and personality, you may like some options more than others. I recently wrote an email to […]

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If nothing changes

3 Ways To Improve Your Network Marketing Business

The importance of personal development in your businessIt is imperative that you are improving your mindset daily through personal development. If you just keep moving along with your daily tasks, you may not be strengthening your mind. You can become weighed down. It may be harder to push forward and improve your business.What can you […]

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What are Bundles? And Why Do I Want One?

First, What is a bundle? It is when you can purchase a large number of products and services for one small price. Traditionally, it is available for a short time. It can include ecourses, ebooks, printables, workbooks, etc. I love buying bundles. No, you don’t have to use all the products in the bundle. Usually, […]

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Amazon Books Published

Notebook – Blue Butterfly / Pink Flower – Butterfly / Blue Flower / Blue Sky – Butterfly with water drop – Lighthouse – My Bible Notes – Cristina’s Bible Journal Wedding Day Planner – Cake/Table cover – Circles cover – Cream cover – Cream bow cover – Red Hearts cover – Red Hearts cover – Red […]

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What You Need To Know Before A Hospital Stay

What to take for a hospital stay If you know someone going to the hospital, whether planned or not, this may be a way for you to help them out. So this is a random topic for my site. But it is real life, and I would think many people have either been admitted themselves […]

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This Recruiting Playbook Saved Me

Before using LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook I had not spent much time adding connections to LinkedIn (even though I had my account with them since 2006). I only had 101 connections when I started implementing the strategies I learned.After completing the training from LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook, I was able to invite over 3,600 people, with over […]

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3 – 2 – 1 How To Make Your Day Better

Want to know the secret to a better day?There are three steps to make your day better. These steps can be used for your business or even for your personal life. Try it out.Step 1: List 3 things that went right todayIf you are like me, you may first think, nothing went right. However, stop […]

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3 Things You Must Know To Make Sure You Are With The Right Network Marketing Company

Choosing A Network Marketing CompanyWhen choosing a network marketing company to join, you need to know a few things. Not necessarily in this order, but take all into consideration. Company, opportunity, and product. You may be new to the industry or already be in network marketing and looking to change to another company. Either way you want […]

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Help! My Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

First of all, bookmark this page. You never know when you may need it. True story, this happened to me today.  You can read below what happened or go ahead and use the link now if this is an emergency.What you can do to recover your accountHere is the link:  https://www.facebook.com/help/1306725409382822My storyI received a Facebook message from […]

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What You Need To Know To Build Your Network Marketing Business Online

My friend Ferny has built a serious network marketing business online. So when he has something to teach about building online, you can be sure it is going to help you and your business. As you read, you will see if you wait too long to implement online strategies, it may be too late. Makes me […]

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Steps You Need To Know For Facebook Lives

1. Find contentYou need to find content that is relevant for your audience. This can be your notes from a webinar or other event you have attended. You can find articles in your niche from other websites. You can create new content based on your experience.2. Study contentIf this content is from a blog post, […]

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How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online in Three Strategic Steps

I spent years trying the old ways of cold prospecting, like going to the mall, not knowing what to say… and I did sell some products and recruit some people but didn’t have a lot of success in building a team. My friend, mentor and 8-figure earner Ferny Ceballos shares his experience in using the Internet […]

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