1 Tip To Help If You Have Shiny Object Syndrome

A few questions about shiny object syndrome.

Do you see new opportunities all the time?

Do you see new courses all the time?

Do you look at books that are recommended?

You might be saying, “Doesn’t everyone have shiny object syndrome?”

You know how it is. There is a limited time to get the great price, or maybe even a limited time to get in at all for courses.

Tonight I attended a free training and learned such a great nugget about purchasing courses:

“Will I use it in the next 72 hours?”

So many courses purchased over time, and some have never even been used at all.

An entire board in Trello with courses. Grouped by category or company. With links to the course.

This can apply also to purchasing books. “When will I read this book?”

You should see the stack of books waiting to be read.

Now, buying a book online would be past 72 hours, but you get the idea. How quickly will you get to that book?

I am not saying don’t buy courses or books. It was just really insightful information to hear a leader say how she determines if she will buy one.

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