3 – 2 – 1 How To Make Your Day Better

Want to know the secret to a better day?

There are three steps to make your day better. These steps can be used for your business or even for your personal life. Try it out.

Step 1: List 3 things that went right today

If you are like me, you may first think, nothing went right. However, stop and take the time to list what you have accomplished today. When I did this yesterday, I thought there was nothing and actually ended up with four things that went right.

Step 2: List 2 things that went wrong today

I know, you could probably list more things that went wrong, than right. But don't focus on the problems. Pick the two biggest things that went wrong, so you are more positive.

Step 3: List 1 thing you could do differently tomorrow

After thinking about all the things that went wrong, once again you may want to make a longer list. However, stick to one thing that you can work on to really improve. Otherwise, if you make a long list, you might feel overwhelmed and not do anything. It is better to improve one thing than none.


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