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3 Ways To Improve Your Network Marketing Business

The importance of personal development in your business

It is imperative that you are improving your mindset daily through personal development. If you just keep moving along with your daily tasks, you may not be strengthening your mind. You can become weighed down. It may be harder to push forward and improve your business.

What can you do to improve your mind?

What type of information do you need to focus on to improve your mind? Mindset and motivational. You can connect with other people in your industry to learn what personal development resources they use and trust. Then pursue reading, watching and listening to their recommendations.

1. Reading

  • Online
  • Printed
  • Ebooks

There are numerous sources of information online. From the newspapers to the newest websites there is a wealth of information. Choose from this list of over 50 business books.

Since books are available both printed and electronically, you can consume this information quickly. Online you can easily find book reviews before making a purchase. One book I recommend is Focal Point by Bryan Tracy. I was listening to it on Hoopla and liked it so much that I ordered the book so I could highlight it and better remember what it says. Recently I have listened to the entire book on Hoopla, and plan to go over chapter 6 and 9 in the physical book.

Another book I recommend which may be helpful to improve your memory:

2. Watching

  • Live broadcasts
  • Webinars
  • Summits
  • Video courses

Through Periscope and FaceBook live you can find authorities. I have learned so much about technology and how-tos through these resources.

Usually, webinars are free. An excellent option for free training in the area or topic you are seeking.  Make sure and sign up even if you are not available to attend. There are times when they send a replay to anyone that signed up.

There are also online summits which span many days. These usually have interviews with numerous people of authority in the central theme covered. One drawback is that the videos are available for a short time. The good news is, you can have long-term access to these videos through purchasing the course or membership they are offering.

Video courses are more in-depth than you find in a webinar. They can last from 1 hour up to more than 20 hours depending on the course.

3. Listening

  • Conference calls
  • Podcasts
  • Books on audio

Conference calls give you a chance to communicate directly with a leader. One monthly call that delivers personal development is The Deep Abyss. Held the third Thursday every month, you hear from Diane Hochman, a leader in network marketing. Then she opens it up for others to comment and discuss the topic.

Podcasts offer the ability to listen, like a radio talk show. I have many podcasts in my player on my iPhone but have not gotten around to listening to them lately.

Books on audio make it handy to consume the books you don’t have time to read. Many can be found online free through this article Finding a Wealth of Free or Cheap Audiobooks.

If you have a Roku, you can listen to books on audio with their Library.

Also, check with your library. See if they have Hoopla as a free resource. I can log in to Hoopla with my library card number and check out eight items a month. This service allows me to listen to many hours of audiobooks. It also has ebooks, movies, etc.


After writing this article, I realized one of the most useful resources for personal development is live events. If your industry has an annual live event, they probably have a motivational speaker that provides mindset information. When you attend live events, you to learn from the leaders in your industry what they recommend for personal development.

Comment below with your favorite resources for personal development.


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Terryn Winfield says September 19, 2016

My favorite? I could go on and on. I am a big John Maxwell fan. I am always reading a personal development book or listening to a podcast. I am a firm believer in daily development of yourself so you can better help others. Thanks for the new recommendations!

    Julia Atkinson says September 20, 2016

    You are welcome. I saw John Maxwell on a summit last year and have looked at his site. Will look at his resources again. Thank you for sharing him as a resource.

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