5 Simple Steps To Take Action

Are you ready to take the steps?

5 Simple Steps To Take Action

(Wake up call notes 1-9-17)

Brian Fanale: Build audience, engage audience, sell audience.

Decide right now how you will show up this week.

Dustin Wisnowski:

2017 New year. Growing audiences. Pumped and excited to help others this year.

Frist thing you need to do is believe in yourself.

Did I have fear or false belief holding me back from taking action?

Gotta start having that belief system. Are you going to show up with Metallica or

Jim Rohn to build your mind. Want to hang around people building your mind. You get a choice.

As we start to stretch first time, realize holding on to deep beliefs.

Simple tips

1. Create momentum in our daily life.

Push through the barrier to learn a skill set and get results. Subconscious will want to shut you down. Wake up calling you life. You are in control of your life and thoughts. Congratulate others for serving and showing up. Then create momentum from energy fill that is coming from inside you.

Showing up to wake up call, show up in your business.

Need to celebrate the simple process of your new adventure.

Say, “Good job, you are getting better” to yourself as you accomplish.

Just learned how to …
use FaceBook
engage in the MLSP group

You are in control.

What did I accomplish yesterday?

2. Adding little wins into our identity.

Our identity fuels us to get up and learn new skills sets. Focus on learning to set up sites, fan page, writing your first blog post, making an image quote, etc.

Getting rid of disbeliefs.
Do the work.
Celebrate little things you are accomplishing.

Start saying things I am.

Reprogram your brain’s hardware. Up to you. Easily reformat hard drive and start over. Release junk in your memory.

You will become that new identity.

3. Get feedback from ones in your circle is huge.

If receiving feedback not excited about. Check your character traits. What are you doing? Check in with yourself. If you are ok, maybe time to go find a new support group.

Figure out your true friends.

4. Leverage MLSP as your network.

Plug into calls, FaceBook group, will have encouragement with constructive feedback.

Learn to evaluate your emotions, only focus on the ones that will help you serve others.

5. Practice the attitude of gratitude.

Any moment can step into the person you want to be. Gratitude multiplies the blessings in life.

Write down all the things in your life that you are grateful for.

Think about the life you have.

Feel abundantly grateful. Shift your energy to shift your life.

5 Simple Steps To Take Action

What steps are you taking?

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