5 Tips to market you Business with MLSP

5 Honey Badger Tips for MLSP (My Lead System Pro) members


(Ryan Cody Morris wakeup call 10/7/2016)

5 Honey Badger Tips

How Ryan started
From the person that enrolled said take action
Look back, did I take the action.

Tip 1

Go offline.
Meetup . com in business groups.
Introduce yourself to business people in the area.

Tip 2

Go to warm market first.
So many go to cold market and don’t know these people.
Don’t try to sell to warm market. Use the tools and let warm market see you using the tools. Excited about what learning.
Use the product/tools.
Build a new warm market as you are using your tools.
Don’t be afraid to show to warm market.
Not about making money with strangers, they become your new warm market.
Make a cold market a warm market. Now good friends.
Videos, marketing, emails develop a relationship and new warm market.
Not daily mode of operation, it is how you do it.

Tip 3

Use the tools daily for your MLM and for your customer growth.
Both hands of you inc.

Tools –

Show people that I have a personal website.
Most people say if you have a personal website, what is diff. Company replicated website is a great tool to get you started.
Need something personal that educates people.
Some say not duplicatable.
However, don’t need it to be duplicated. Only need 10-15 people to duplicate.
In network marketing if you create big team, on 6-10 people responsible.
If branding yourself going to enroll more people.
Need to show the few so they can utilize a personal website to put content for someone to buy.
Content/education is buffer.

Funnels – create leverage so can send people to this.
Typically capture pages are not going to capture people’s information. Then that company is getting your leads. May or may not be involved with later years.
Feel much better if you were capturing leads.
Use the tools inside MLSP to get more customers to your MLM.
Take the customers and look for distributors.
See which ones are at capacity that they can use MLSP as a tool.

CRM – amazing tool.
To grow your customer base. In travel, nutrition, makeup. Need customers.
MLSP is about enhancing your business.
Follow up tools.
Labels are amazing. Cold/Warm/Hot.

Training – literally top notch
Done for you.
You don’t have to go through the process of setting up. Share it out there. Start generating leads day one.
Biggest objection inside MLSP is price.

Business people pay 10-15 times more for this.
Weekly Training
Done for you

Personal WordPress site with all the plugins already set up (don’t have to buy)
Step by step training.
JetPack included.
Would you pay $1 per day.

Funnel system to get you results.
Would you pay $1 per day.
Compare to click funnels $99.00

Would you pay $1 per day.
Access to training library with weekly training
Would you pay $1 per day.

Done for you – 100% profit on products – campaigns already set up
Would you pay $1 per day.

$5 per day times 30 days is $150 per month
Yearly membership available to save money.
$1,499.00 year

Real Estate offer CRM and then they get it all for free with it.

Tip 4

Invite people to all the free stuff.
Just one tool is the Wednesday night webinar.
Have to see things Avg 7 times. If you invite one person to Wednesday night webinar 7 times (month and half). If they showed up to all 7 or even 5 what are the chances of them saying let me give this a test run?
What are chances of someone taking a test drive or going in if 7 webinars back to back.
You got someone else showing system and value.
You are just inviting, not selling a thing.
People naturally follow crowds.

Tip 5

When you invite, replay in library.
Watch multiple times to master.
Not about just watching, about mastering.

Golden Tip

When do webinars
Look at anyone having success
That person probably made it through webinar.
If getting 10 times results, they probably did 10 times watching/studying.
When you see how long webinar, break it down. Take 30 min a day, take notes, put time on notes where you stopped.
It’s not how fast you do it, it’s about doing it. Finish the race. Not comparing yourself to next person.
You don’t know all the things others have gone through before now.
Stop looking at other horses in the race.


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