6 Steps to a Better Business

What to do to improve your business

If I solve people's problems, they will pay me.

If I solve people’s problems, they will pay me.

(Diane Hochman wake-up call notes 12/15/2016)

Thought process for business.

Two types of folks have success and making money.

One could not step away from the phone, the business controlled them. Can’t take a break, constantly working.

Another, work a couple of hours a day.


You need to claim ownership of your business.

In family owner restaurant only takes a minute to figure out who the owner is. He makes sure everything runs smooth.

Somedays you may wonder how to take ownership. Do all you can in 2017 to take ownership of your business. You can say I don’t know, let me find out. Behave today like we own this business.


Really focus on expanding your network. meet as many people as humanly possible in your industry. Don’t sell or recruit. Relationships.

Meet everybody, they end up working together.


Make sure you have an email list. Adding people to it regularly. Write list main reason si because you care about people. Want to serve them.


Be visible and accessible. Get the blog up so people can find you. FanPage so people can find you. Do FaceBook Live.


Start or continue attending events. Meeting people. Takes those relationships to another level. Never know who you will meet there.


As you meet people, claim ownership, start building your network, invite in all ways to your list, be accessible, become incredibly people focused. Offer products and services not because of how much money they will make, but because they will serve your audience. If I solve people’s problems they will pay me.

Deceptively simple, answers lie within. Do these things so someone can notice you. Get the tweak/mentorship.

To make your name – gotta go get it done.

What have you done for your business today?

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