9 Work at Home Jobs You Have to Check Out

Work from home options

Tired of working at a job you do not enjoy?

Want to have an income from home?

When you have the Internet, you can work virtually in many different job types.

Depending on your interests and personality, you may like some options more than others.

I recently wrote an email to a friend about different work at home possibilities, and here is the list along with ways to find work.


1. Virtual Assistant – taking care of many things that a secretary would take care of such as setting up appointments, typing documents, travel plans, etc. If you are interested in taking a course, here is one for Virtual Assistants.

Book with detailed info on being a virtual assistant.

2. Computer programming – There are many different programs (Java, Javascript, device apps, etc.) These require a good eye for detail since they will not work if even one letter/number in the code is missing or incorrect. I took some programming years ago, and it does take some patience (at least it did for me, others like it.)

3. Website creation and maintenance – Many people that write blogs need help with the technical side of running a site. Learn to use WordPress at this free site: WordPress Beginner Videos – Free WordPress Video Tutorials

4. Photography – Learn about this at Expert Photography.

More than 50 Photography resources.

5. Graphics Designer – Create logos, graphics for sales pages and web posts. Starting out you can use Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva and PicMonkey’s Photo Editor | Free Online Image Editing for practicing. There are higher end full editor programs with more ability that can be purchased and studied. But Canva and PicMonkey give you a chance to see if this is something you like for free.

6. Creating Themes for Websites – This is more advanced than one graphic. It includes colors, fonts, graphics, layouts, etc. But this is something most people cannot create for themselves. I usually see individual Themes sell for around $49. A place I have bought themes from is Premium WordPress Themes | Website Templates | CMS Themes. They sell for many different designers.

7. Social Media Marketing – You can charge to keep social media accounts updated if you learn to set up and maintain social media accounts for people. You can stay with one media (FaceBook, Pinterest, etc.) or take care of multiple ones. I would suggest you try different ones out and see which one you like best. After you have that one mastered, you can move on to other ones. There are various training programs available.

8. Writing – Some people pay to have content written for their blog. If you have an area of expertise, you can create your own blog, but if you prefer to get paid per article right away, you can write for others.

9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The search engines regularly change the algorithm they use to index sites. This is an entire field of work. The downside I see is always having to study and keep up with the latest. But if it is attractive to a person that is not a problem.


As of late 2018, I have been learning to create low content / no content books to publish on Amazon. Here is a link to the course I took on creating journals. I highly recommend it  because not only do you learn through the course, but also there is Facebook group where she continues to provide up to date training.

Final thoughts

No matter which business you choose, you will want a website for your company to showcase what you do. Here is a link to 15 Steps to start an online business.

Places you can find work:

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