Aweber And Grammarly

Have you lost email?

Lost email

You may have seen my FaceBook Live this week about spending a couple of hours to send an email to my list. It can be frustrating working with technology, but you have to keep on and figure out what you need to do for things to work.

When sending an email it would take so long, that it would give an error message. Then it would disappear in the drafts, and not be found in broadcast or anywhere else.

This is what was being used:

  • Aweber email
  • Windows computer
  • Chrome Browser
  • Grammarly

If you are having a problem with this too, you can disable Grammarly. The first time I turned Grammarly off completely which meant you also could not use it on other sites. The next time I clicked on the green G next to the address bar and turned it off for that site only (“Check for grammar and spelling on sitename.”)

As soon as I did this, I was able to send an email. It processed it very quickly.

If you are having a problem with this, then try changing your settings too.

Any tips you have to share for your email?

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