How to Become Attractive to Customers

Build your business by attracting customers


(2016 1011, Wakeup call, Diane Hochman)

Celebrating accomplishment in the community. Some here to learn skills for what you are passionate about.

Work less, earn more, have more lifestyle. Working smarter adding leverage. Early in career started watching people making all the money.

1 making great money working incessantly. Presentations constantly. Talk with them, they kept interrupting conversations to take another phone call. Grinders

Another category, Frank Petrecelli mentor. Either on a boat, (lived on water,) or out playing golf. Making million dollars a year.

Lifestyle was everything for me. Maybe different for us. So you can be free to do what you want. Realized more possible than ever.

Then cell phone came. Now have a computer in your pocket.

How to become more attractive. Attraction is chemical. Cannot buy or advertise. A person has a chemical reaction to you. Have a physical reaction to what you say. Some attracted, some not.

First thing to do is

not attractive to all people, only certain people. When they are attracted ability to grow exponential.

Only look for people that want to learn more.

Need to become a product of the product. Confidence is attractive. Like the cool kid in high school that is confident.

Take the product, become a product of it. Use the product and get a result.

Don’t just put links all over. Use the training you are giving away. Get a result and with conviction say this is what happened when I used this training. Then people say this person got results.

Consume information and execute what it says. If you become a case study

2 get people larger than you to endorse you.
When you use a product, if info product, company might endorse you, makes you more attractive.

Someone talking about you makes you more attractive.

Once you have people coming around, you attract a crowd.

Street person

Car accident – people start rubbernecking, back up also exists on the other side of the road. Everyone has to stop and stare.

Use system campaigns, product samples. “You lost 3 pounds in 5 days” When crowd people want to look and see who is in the middle of the crowd.

How change a conversation to business. Don’t’ attract them to you. People love people to connect. Look to see who you can connect. Sharing and loving on people.

Social media character, more people show up, more people show up, more people show up, then people are buying.

Want to be knowledgeable about the industry you are in.

XYZ company, know what competitors are doing. Store on main street, know what the other stores are doing. Flyers, newspapers.

What is the pulse fo the industry?
Are people moving around?
want to know what is going on so you can help people.

Become a curator. Don’t make the things, share info helpful to your audience. When last time you shared someone else’s stuff. They subconconscious think you will share their stuff. But really attracting large amounts of people to you.

Want to create an environment where the people that become attracted to you can gather
group, membership site, live, conf call, etc.

People can gather around. Want to hear your confidence. Create environment where they can hang out and be around you.

In high school attracted to someone wanted to be near them.

Most exciting environment is email list or newsletter.
Ability to talk to people attracted to you. Will hang around long enough til one day they have an offer where they will buy.

Show products and services on a daily basis and let them choose when they want to buy. Safe process. proud to be affiliated with you. proud to say they are with you.

Don’t have to chase people, grind, hustle. Do need to in beginning to get yourself visible. Once you do, science of attraction that will cause people to stick with you and buy over and over and over again.


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