Book Review – Budgeting Made Easy: Thriving On Any Income

Budgeting for your business

Learn how to budget successfully on any income

As a business owner, you know how income can vary from month to month. But there are those expenses you have to pay every month. What do you do?

My friend Charissa definitely knows what it takes to do a budget on a variable income. With her business, she has been able to pay off debt and build savings along with other financial goals.

She outlines exactly how to do it in her book, “Budgeting Made Easy – Thriving on Any Income.”

Learn from her 12+ years of experience and success.

She includes step by step actions for you to take, along with samples to see what she is teaching.

It is not just all about the numbers on the budget. She shares the importance of taking care of yourself with examples that you can use.

Plus, she shares the importance of knowing the reason for your budget. And the questions you need to ask when deciding how to spend your money.

Although written for a family budget, the strategies in this book can easily be applied to a business.

Go here to see Budgeting Made Easy: Thriving on any Income by Charissa Quade

Learn how to budget successfully on any income

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