How to Change the Permalink URL for a Post in WordPress

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Have you ever changed your post title and wanted the URL to work with the change? I have, and while it is still in draft mode I have been able to change the link. But once it is published I thought you were stuck with it.

Well, I found out it can be changed. You can learn from my experience. I was listening to a call and taking notes. I don’t always know what I want the title to be until I have finished the call. I was busy working on other things and published it before I realized I had not changed the title.

Keep in mind, if this link has already been shared and/or is in Google, you will not want to change it. But, in my case, it was right after I published it that I saw it needed to be changed.


So, if you have already published it, here are the steps:

In the post in WordPress,

Click Edit


Click Draft
Click OK


Then you can make the changes to your title.
Next to Permalink, click in the box where the old URL is.
Select all and delete the text.
Click ok.
This will give you the updated URL and you can once again Publish as usual.

I hope this has been helpful for you.

Have you ever published a post and needed to change the Permalink URL?


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Kari Ann says December 6, 2016

I have changed mine and yes be VERY careful not to change it after your post has been shared because those links will no longer work. If you need to you will have to setup a redirect for the old link.

Jen says December 8, 2016

These are great tips! I’ve been learning a lot since signing up with WordPress, and posts like these have helped me so much! Thank you for sharing this.

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