What Do You Control In Your Network Marketing Business?

What do you control?

Do you own the business that you are getting your products from? No, that is owned by that company. You can sell their products and recruit others to sell for them, but in the end, they own the business.

Do you own the products that you use/show? Yes, you purchase products for personal use, and depending on the business model, you also purchase products to be samples and / or products to resell.

Do you employee people to work for you? No, they are independent representatives of the company just like you. You train and mentor them.You can give them guidance, but ultimately they make the decisions about the productivity of their business.

Do you have input in the products/services that will or will not be included? No. You may be given an opportunity to make suggestions, but the decisions are with the company.

Do you decide the price of products? No. You may decide in some cases to sell products at a lower price. But generally, they make the prices and schedule the sales.


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