How to Create a Video in FaceBook Post Using Images/Graphics

Slideshow to Video on FaceBook Page

Did you know you can create a Slideshow/Video for your FaceBook Post? This is available on a FaceBook page but not on a profile.

You can add 3-10 pictures. The duration of each picture can be 0.5 up to 5 seconds. So a video with 10 pictures at 5 seconds each would be 50 seconds long.

Before you publish the post you can edit the slideshow. Once it is published, there is a video created that cannot be edited through FaceBook’s slideshow process.

One note of caution. Even though this is a video, my ad ran for a few days and then was rejected because the first graphic in that one was too much text. So make sure the first graphic in your slideshow is under the 20% rule. Or, use a cover photo as in the instructions below.

FaceBook Ad

Before the instructions, here is the example video created for this tutorial.


On your FaceBook page, click to write a status

Click Photo/Video

Click Create Slideshow

Create Slideshow

Choose the Aspect Ratio, Image Duration, Transition and Music

Slideshow attributes

Click + to add photos

Plus to add photos

Choose up to 10 photos

Add photos

You can rearrange the pictures as you like. Also, you can test the video.

Arrange pictures

STOP! You can make these changes now, but once you hit publish the video cannot be changed. Do you have the duration for each pic you want? Make sure it is long enough for people to read the content. Are the pictures in the order you want? Rearrange them now if you want.

Publish your post


You will see a notification once your video is ready

Upload Ready

Adding captions to your video is available after it is published

Add Captions


More on captions

More on captions

Click + to add captions.

How to add captions

Note: When creating your graphics keep in mind the video is playing, the controls may cover content at the bottom.

Video playing

After my ad was stopped for too much text, I added a cover picture by editing the slideshow. Click on edit post then click custom and choose a graphic under 20% text. This also means you can have 11 total pictures. The cover photo did not show after the video played. The video began playing again.

Edit Slideshow

Once again, here is the example video.

The quote graphics used in the slideshow were made with Stencil. Read about using Stencil.

Now go create your slideshows and share your video. Enjoy!


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Monika says December 23, 2016

Thank you for this tutorial! You make it sound so easy!

    Julia Atkinson says December 23, 2016

    Thank you. It is pretty easy. Enjoy.

Emilie Guerin says December 26, 2016

Thank you for the tutorial. I have to try this.

    Julia Atkinson says December 26, 2016

    You are welcome. I have even added to it since I first created as I learned more through my ads.

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