Difference maker between creating results and being frustrated.

Creating results

(09/20/2016 Wake up call Justice Eagan)

Frustration gap between where you are and where you think you should be.

You are where you are, a product of choices.

Wherever you are there is a lesson.

Single biggest factor, everybody looking for a secret, fast results.

You gotta be on right track before results come in.

Ownership of everything is it.

Ownership of circumstances, way you feel, all things in your life.

Some outside circumstances temporary.

If not temporary you decide how to react, how they interfere with your business.

Others have had same, even worse.

They created an entirely different outcome.

Their reason why, not reason why not.

Met guy at a game. Talking about getting into shape, accepting dad’s life. you got control, own outcome.

Go out and achieve what you want.

At your finger tips you can google people that accomplished that same thing.

Social proof everywhere that outcome is 100% in your hands.

Step into a new version of you.

Every person has 24 hours, bills, responsibilities etc.

People you look up to have all done something that other people have made excuses not to do.

Many want more but say you don’t understand.

You can use kids as a reason why not, but can argue is a reason why.

Reason can be positive or negative.

Synonym for excuse is reason not a limitation.

Reasons equal excuses.

Excuses don’t have to be negative.

It was a good excuse to call my lead.

Good excuse to make a video/

Did not eat cake or candy, excuse, want to be healthier.

Want to save more money is excuse, not to make purchase.

Start looking at all reasons as excuses.

Then decide if to do something positive or not.

Of moving sideways, moving backwards.

Comparison is the x of joy

I am exactly where I am supposed to be. a product of reasons why or why not.

Any one of us could blog, learn, implement, grow any day.

If not moving forward, moving backward.

Don’t have time – have not protected your time, managed your time/

Some out there with worse created diff outcome.

We all have 24 hours in a day.

We have the tools at our fingers.

The only thing that matters is how you show up.

Things change how they work.

If come in with a reason to lose, will lose.

You have no limitations only why and why not.

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