The fastest way to BECOME the powerhouse you want to be!


(Wake up call with Erin Birch 10/4/2016)

What do you want future self to be like?
Who do you want to be?
Has worked for Erin.
It will work for you as well if you do it.

Every morning lay in bed 5-10 minutes and visualize exactly what you want in your
life – health, business, relationship, etc.

Get up and start the day.

Do this 10 times of the day.

During the day when you find moments you are doing repetitive motion, do
Chopping veggies, shower, working out, etc.

Particular songs attached to particular visions. When driving play those songs and

Why do this?
Stops excuses in their tracks.

Also, do this before you go to sleep. Lay in bed and visualize 5-10 minutes.

If visualizing cannot stop success from coming. Will also keep your internal fire
stoked. Got to have passion. Drives you, fuels you every single day.

Got to find your why, visualize that as well.

When marketing, doing video, people feel that fire/passion. They are drawn to it. If
not feeling it from you will be drawn to the person that they feel it from.

Next step.
Think about the person you want to be – power house, leader, financial success,
healthy, confident, good example for others, fantastic at empowering other people.

From this moment on be very clear on who you want to be, exactly what you want. Step
into those shoes right now.

Start acting like a successful person and it will happen.

What is a successful person doing every day?

Then can say I gave it my all and crushed it.

It is a process. The choice is 100% yours. You can become a much greater version of
yourself. Healthy, successful, likable, etc.

Be an example, set the example for others.

Don’t be person two years from now that regrets. Be the person that looks at people
who doubted and say I am making more money now than I ever thought possible.

Really successful people do what they need to.

Be consistent with visualization. Never forget why you are doing this. Get rid of any
self-doubt. Will never be successful if give in to self-doubt.

To get over self-doubt. Doing video fastest way to get people to like and know. When
doing video think about all those people that need to hear what you are about to
teach them. Don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself.

Step into your vision and be that person.

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