Get ideas about marketing from movies and other marketers videos

How movies can help your business


(Steven Rachel Wakeup call 10/27/2016)

Get ideas about marketing from movies and other marketers videos.

Saw a pattern. When we are going through path of achieving success. In a business and going through a process of having success. Whether experienced, new, or in between. May be focused on getting better. One thing interesting saw a pattern. In a lot of these different Hollywood movies mirrored what we do in business.

3 different characters

1 Individual named Joy Mangano, young lady created or invented the miracle mop. She had a lot going on. She started with a dream, then had an idea. It was miracle mop. Went through the process, got it set up. Like a lot of us in business, we fail, we go through things. Teaches us how we learn and get wisdom. She kept going, had a break through. She became very successful. Look at that path, the dream, the idea, the work, the failure, the break through then success. That is pretty much the recipe/trend in lots of movies.

Another movie, Chris Gardner, Pursuit Of happiness. Wanted to provide for his family. Selling interesting medical devices. Did a lot of work. Really difficult. Went through a lot. Most people would say I am done, had it, give up. Life hitting from all angles. He failed a lot because of life. Things that were going on in his marriage, family, finances. He  kept going, positive attitude. Tenacity to never quit. He had a break through of getting a job, was successful.

There it is again, dream, idea, hustle. Very uncomfortable. He failed a lot. He kept going, had a break through.

Another favorite movie, Matrix. Character Neal. So many hidden stories behind it for achieving success. In that movie, Neal had a dream of wanting more out of life. Have you thought you could be more, deserved more? He had an idea of the matrix and how it could help him, free himself. He had a mentor – Morpheous. When he got released from the matrix, uncomfortable, difficult to learn and understand the world he lived in. Went through a lot of failure. When at his worst he had a break through. Everything made sense. That point on success in that trilogy.

These 3 characters all had something in common. Followed same path. Not sure what chapter you are in. Might be in dream chapter. Thinking about how good to work from home. Be a master of own destiny. Be financial free. Everybody definition fo success could be different.

Think about that chapter, led you to an idea right now you have some type of idea of how you are going to get there.

Going through a chapter of work/hustle. We have all been there. Different for some of us will go through and keep going. Most of us will go through and quit. Human nature of people. Nothing we can do other than keep you inspired and motivated.

How you handle issues will determine if you become successful. We go through a chapter of failure, the cool thing is it teaches you a lesson. You gotta do the deal. Gonna mess it up. If you keep taking action, stay repetitive with actions, just going to get better. Going to fall in the chapter of your movie breakthrough.

A lot of stories are true we see. A lot we don’t know, or know a little bit about. They had a break through and had massive amounts of success.

Which chapter are you in – in your journey? Just know if you are just getting started, for a lot of us going to get difficult. Have to do some stuff you are uncomfortable doing. Not going to be perfect in beginning. Goal: get to the break through chapter. When there success happening for sure. Worst is done and have to keep moving.


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