Help! My Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

First of all, bookmark this page. You never know when you may need it.

True story, this happened to me today.  You can read below what happened or go ahead and use the link now if this is an emergency.

What you can do to recover your account

Here is the link:

My story

I received a Facebook message from a friend with what looked like two videos. I clicked on one at a time on my notebook computer but they just went to blank pages. I used to teach How to use the Internet and taught about watching for things like this. But since she was recently married I thought she was sending videos of her wedding.  

So I thought, I will go try it on my iPhone and see if it works there. Turns out you get a message about iPhone and a place to log into Facebook. Should have been another red flag to me that there was a problem.

So I just input my user name and password. And still no video. That is when it hit me. I went back to Facebook on my notebook computer to check on my account. I could not get to change password and accidentally logged out.

Then when I tried to log in again, it showed a picture of a man, and would not accept my password. I used Facebook's help center and found the link to go through the process of recovering my account.

Bookmark this page now, never know when you or someone you know may need this.


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