How To Use Your Blog For Network Marketing

You may be new to network marketing and wonder how you could use a blog to market your products. Read to see how a blog can be beneficial for your audience. Here are my notes from a recent course I took on blogging by Ray Higdon.

Target Audience

You want to think about who your target audience is. Here are some questions to answer.

Would this content interest my target prospect?

Would this solve a problem for them?

What are their frequently asked questions?

Example questions

When writing a post for the target audience “network marketing” you could ask:

What are some network marketing blog topics that would interest them?

Are there any network marketing blog sites that may be helpful?

What network marketing blog content applies to my audience?

Are there any home based business blogs that would help me better know my audience?

Health and wellness questions

You may have questions such as:

What is the biggest problem of people looking for health information?

What questions do people ask about health?


So you may be wondering what will you write about on your blog. There are various resources you can use to find what applies to your target audience.

Social media

You need to know where your audience hangs out on social media. You may have a preference for where you socialize online, but it would be helpful to use one that will have the largest group of people that would be looking for your product. You can read what people in this particular social media are asking around your topic.


Although you may want to work online, it can be beneficial to know the events your target audience likes to attend. This gives you an opportunity to meet them in person. But also, you can learn from the training at these events what is most important to your target audience. Write reviews or recaps of what you learned.


Who are 3 leaders that your audience would follow? You can learn from these leaders what to write about in your blog posts.

You can use a website called Create a feed for your main topic (Example Nutrition). Add content which would be the link to each leaders website. Then you can look at the most recent content from their blogs. Not that you would copy their blogs. But you can see trends, especially if all 3 leaders are talking about the same thing.

Books / Magazines

Find the books that are about your topic. As you read the book, find the answer to the question that would be the reason you bought the book. Take notes throughout the book and you have the beginning of a blog post.

You could even have a blog post for each chapter, with a video review of your notes on that chapter.

Survey your audience

Ask people the number one problem they have with the problem your product solves. For example, you could ask: “What is the biggest problem you have with losing weight?” This is an open-ended question that they will have to give more response than yes or no. Once you have their answers, you have blog post titles.

Summary of Using a Blog

You can use a blog to create content for your audience. This can be informative and lead them to your product as a solution.

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