“If you build it, they will come”

Building a business

Remember the movie “Field of Dreams”? The power of building something in advance and knowing everything will work out.

That is what building a business encompasses. You have an idea. You work on what people want. You really give of yourself for others. You have full confidence and believe they will show up.

How can you ensure your business will be successful?

  • Find others that are successful

We can learn from what we do, or we can learn from what other people do. Who are the most successful people in your industry? Join their email list, attend their workshops and webinars.

  • Follow their steps

They have already been where you are, follow their steps and instructions.

  • Read books that inspire you

Look for books in your industry, look for books about business and look for books about people that inspire others. There are over 50 businesses books listed for you to help your business.

  • Take courses that target your business plans

Take the time to work through any courses or training you take. It can be so easy to keep buying more courses, and speeding through the content. Make sure you are implementing what you learn, one step at a time before you move on to additional training.

It has been said for every hour you spend watching training, you need to spend 3 hours implementing. Well, to me that is a little long. You could even say for every 15 minutes of training, spend 45 minutes implementing. This means you can set aside one hour a day to first watch then implement.

You can do this.


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