Linking To Blog Posts On Your Facebook Page

Help! I cannot change the picture of headline on my Facebook Post.

When you post a link to a blog post, Facebook will pull the picture, headline and description. You used to be able to make changes to these, but no longer. There are some workarounds.

First, learn from my experience. I published a post and later added an image to it. If you publish and post, and then later add an image, Facebook will pull other pictures from your site. In my case, it pulled my profile picture, logo and a picture/graphic for an ad in my sidebar. I later found out you can have Facebook look at your page again using their “Sharing Debugger.” 

Your Blog

If it is a post from your own blog, then you can change the featured image. Set your featured image in the right column when editing the post.

If you have Thrive theme, when editing a post, scroll down and click Social Media.

Input the “Title” and “Description” then“Upload” the picture. This can be the same picture or another one.

If using another picture, it does not show up on your blog post, but does show up on Facebook instead of your featured picture.

Other Blogs

If the post is not on your blog you can choose from your business page:

“Share a Photo or Video to your Post”

After you insert your picture, paste in the link to the blog post. This will not pull anything from the blog post and allow you to add any headline and description you want.

At this point I have not tested using this type of post with link in an ad to see how it works. Once I do this post will be updated.

One big advantage of inserting a picture and adding a link to the description, is that Facebook gives pictures more organic reach than link posts. So even for links to your own blog you might want to use this method.




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