5 Things You Must Have As A Leader

5 things you must have as a leader


(Mark Harbert wakeup call notes 1-17-2017)

1 Focus

Number one thing you need. Need to have a vision where you are going. If don’t know excitement level wanes off.  If can’t see in mind, don’t get the results. Without focus eventually energy will be gone and desire to go on will not be there. People quit because they lack focus.

2016 was an amazing year. One goal is to hit $1 million mark per year in business. Have had difficult time seeing how to get there. Reached out to coach, immediately it hit. Finally got to see how can.

Getting to next level requires mentorship.  Someone looking in and tell you what to do. Connect with others, find out what they have done.

2 Confidence

When people look for people to follow, they are looking for somebody that walks with confidence. Part of the reason people struggle with confidence is because they have not laid out vision/focused. Take action and build results. Nothing builds confidence like getting some results.

When start massive, active, confidence went from very low to very high. Confidence does not mean arrogant. When you have that confidence, it gives off an aura.

People are attracted, they want to feel the confidence you feel.

3 and 4 go hand in hand

3 Transparency

When secretive, not a leader. People want real, want to see you, how you are, the real you. Be vulnerable. People guard them because of fear. You will have your haters if you want everybody to like you, don;t be an entrepreneur. Don’t be a jerk. Understand no matter what you do.

Live your life in a way that if others talk bad about you, no one will believe it.

Don’t have to share every detail. But got to learn to be just a little vulnerable. Not made up person. Be your best self. Be you. Be the best you.

4 True leadership has integrity

Built into us barometer. We know if we are doing something shady. Know when not at peace inside. Gut tells us something isn’t good.

Doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.

Showcase your leadership. Mix with other above. People just want to be around.

Having your prospects best interest at heart. Not looking to just make a sell to make a sell.

5 Passion

Got to love what you do. Wake up with pep in step every single day. A great example is Ray Higdon.

When you do what you love, and love what you do, will never work and day in your life.

All happens when you mix all these points together.

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