Why Network Marketers Need Multiple Streams Of Income

Do you own the network marketing business?

When you join a network marketing company, you have the ability to sell products for a company. You might think you are self-employed, but actually, you work for them.

You are a salesperson. You are paid a commission for what you and others in your down line sell. Your down line is the group of people you personally recruit or others under you recruit – your team.

A business owner makes decisions on what products to sell, and how much to charge. They also decide how much people on their team make.

So, the network marketing company owns the business, and you work for them.

What happened to the network marketing company?

Various things could happen in the network marketing company that would mean you have diminished or no income.

They could decide to change they way they pay for individual or team sales.

The hot product that everyone wanted last year may no longer be desirable.

Or the company might no longer be in business.

Do you own a business after all?

Besides the network marketing company you work for, you can own your own business that offers other products and services.

What can you offer?

You can offer training and tools that work well with your product. If you are in health and wellness and offer exercise routines or food and diet information. If you work for a home decor business, you could offer interior designs.

You can host a blog that has affiliate links to products and services that work well with the company products.

You can publish books of your own experience and training.

You can offer training and tools for others that join your team. They may need more help in recruiting and sales than is provided within the company they have joined.

The list goes on. But you are the one making the decisions on these products and services, which would be your own business.

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