What You Need To Know About Increasing Your Confidence

Build your confidence

Focus on getting wisdom

(Mark Harbert wake-up call notes 1/3/17)

Fear is a lack of confidence. It is standing between you and your goals. Every person has value to give in one way or another. Each person is valuable. Got to believe you are valuable. Your experience no matter how small, still have value to give people.

I did FaceBook marketing boot camp. 6 videos 5-10 minutes each. Amazing feedback.

Now look and realize 2016 was the best year yet. Break out year. More than doubled income from the previous year. This year expect more.

Money is by product, side effect of confidence. People would never buy if they did not find value in what I am doing. Do you go to the store and buy things that do not have value? Of course, you don’t.

Get amazing feedback, feel like got 10 times my money. Because I recognize, more value I put into the marketplace, more people will buy.

Value exchange minute beginning is putting out value in market place.

Pointers to build self-confidence.

Your value is determined by how you feel about yourself.

Forgiveness not for other people that wronged you. It is for you to free your mind.

Confidence does not mean arrogance. People that have lower self-confidence are not sure who they are, their purpose in life.

Offense comes when people are not confident.

Confidence draws people to you.

When you exude confidence, people are attracted like a magnet. People that know where they are going. How to get to point that you are confident. Every piece of content will exude, or will not attract people.

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If you want to build confidence, get a coach.

Dressing nicely can help your overall confidence. Go shopping! Get some nice clothes. Even when talking on the phone to someone can affect your confidence. Smile when on the phone, people can tell.

Learn to kill negative belief patterns. A lot of times we cannot see them. A leader will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

Get around successful people. It will rub off on you.

Confidence is built by making decisive decisions. Make a decision and deal with the consequences. Learn from mistakes.

Lost $350 from a 5-second mistake. That one mistake saved so many mistakes because learned to check first. Take bad experiences, many look at it in a negative way, now actually learn from them. Learning opportunities. Different from people that have knowledge and wisdom. Apply knowledge to gain wisdom.

When you apply what you have learned and you start to go out there, you will gain wisdom and wisdom equals confidence.

If you want to crush 2017, want bigger results, focus on getting wisdom. Apply what you know. Mistakes are inevitable. Use mistakes as learning experiences. All will eventually have self confidence.


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