What You Need to Know about Media Kits

Media kits explained

Media kit info

Media kit info

You want to know what a media kit is.

You want to see some templates of media kits.

You want to know the price you can list on your media.

If you are a blogger in groups about blogging, you have probably seen many questions about media kits. One of the most asked questions I have seen about media kits is “What do I charge?” First you need to know about the kit.

What is a media kit?

A media kit includes data about you and your website for sponsors to see if you fit for their product.

Where can you find media kit templates?

You can find a template at Momsmakecents.com. Sign up for her free blog resources which includes 7 more media kit templates. And see her post about sponsors.

“How much should I charge for a sponsored blog post?”

Various articles say the minimum you want to charge is $50.00. From there you decide on other factors. In the past, it was based on your traffic and number of subscribers. But that does not always take into account how many of those visitors and subscribers actually make purchases. It would be better to have a targeted list of subscribers that plan to purchase than to have a larger number of people that do not.

You can check out this post that gives extensive details of what to charge (from September 2015.)

Read this post for a step by step guide to sponsored post fees (from March 2016.)

Tabitha Philen at the membership site Inspired Blogger University includes a media kit and formula to calculate how much you can charge. Here are articles she has written:



Roundup to research further:


Do you have a media kit?

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Gem says December 15, 2016

This was the post I was looking for! Media kits are something I heard about a couple of weeks ago, but they just seem kind of intimidating. In your opinion, how soon after opening a blog should you create a media kit? I’ve had my blog up for a little more than a month, so I wasn’t sure if it was contingent more on time or experience.
Thank you!

    Julia Atkinson says December 15, 2016

    Gem, you can begin creating your media kit any time. In time as your blog grows you can update your statistics.

Felicia says December 15, 2016

I just finished my media kit the other day. I really feel a certain level of pride and professionalism now that I have one (:

    Julia Atkinson says December 15, 2016

    Way to go Felicia.

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