What do You Need to do to Plan for Your Future?

Plan for the future

(Ryan Cody McMorris wake-up call notes 12-1-2016)

(See his training in back office – Marketing strategies FaceBook Lives)

Need to look back on actions taken in past to plan for the future.

Can use a vision board, use magazines and print off stuff.

Picture – “congratulations you are fired” – next day was fired.

Get really good at setting your intention for what you want to do.

Write down everything that is going to happen. Break down from year. Not bullet points. Use your emotions and write the story. Control your time. Sit down and go to a quite room.

Start telling people. Tell warm market more than one time.

Start reflecting from the future. In a place where you are in the future.

Calculate what it will take to get where you want. Look back at year or two from the future.

Example, if wine store plays German music, it will sell more German wine. Have to set yourself up.

Have to set yourself up. You have got reach so far in future. Set things up now.

Design goals not as things you want, but in a way “I am…”, then a step further. Stop wanting things. Goal is to want, did not get it still want it, you got your goal. Give gratitude as if they have already happened.

Breakdown goals, what are the actions I need to take. Set up goals based on actions, not results.

Goal example:

2,000 calls a year. 40 calls a week. 7 calls a day (6 days a week.)



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