What You Need to do for Self Motivation

Embrace Vulnerability

Embrace Vulnerability

Embrace Vulnerability

(Wake up call notes 11-28-2016 Mark Harbert)

Not sure where to start, what to do, how to do it? People know what to do, not doing because of one reason or another. One main reason, if you want to motivate yourself, got to define what you want your legacy to be. What do you want people to think of when they look at you or mention your name?

For Mark, took a while to tap into what he wanted to see. Legacy not all about fancy trinkets of life. Not out of mind about the house. Nice to have. Truth is, securing family future gets him excited. Can write his on paycheck now.

Life different from 5-6 years ago. Almost lost the house to foreclosure. No idea how to make extra money. Now look back and so different. If want to make extra, come up with a way to provide value. Charge for it, send out an email and make that money. Wanted to have the ability to say my life is not dictated by a paycheck. Have savings and investments now.

Want people to say Mark gives so much value. Define where you want to be, legacy, how people see you.

Learned from Ray Higdon pain pushes you until a vision pulls you.

I wanted out many times. Something would not allow him to quit. Even when quit next morning over it and working it out. Some days you not feel like making a video or other  content. Red Flag, mind trigger. If I don’t feel like it that is why I probably have to do it.

If you have  a vision will have people try to pull you down. In order to motivate yourself: Embrace Vulnerability.

Know why many people don’t do the actions? Because afraid of what other people think of me, if I get a lead I don’t know what to say, etc.

People want real now. People sick of fakeness/show. Got to be willing to let you out. Some of greatest videos are sharing your journey.

People that criticize are not paying your bill, then their opinion means nothing.

Daily plan of action: Training tab, marketing strategies, 5 steps to fire your boss.

Do this consistently for 3 to 6 months every single day. Challenge you November 28, 2016, read it five times and put it in action today. If you follow every day until Live the Dream 8 in August and get not leads Mark will buy you lunch and talk with you about what it will take to get results.

Recommend the book Creative Edge. The premise is the little actions you take every single day compounds.

Your circumstances are real. Had those before. No money, $7.00 in Paypal account. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Needed food. Feeling like a knot in his stomach. So fed up worrying, feeling that way. Said, “enough is enough.”

When you are sick and tired, that should be your motivating factor. If you don’t tap in, will have a difficult time reaching your goal. When you have options easy to tap in. What is it that will make you do video, blog post, FaceBook ad, FaceBook chat when you don’t feel like it. MLSP is a system, will not work unless you do.

Got to find the pain point that hurts. Are you tired of feeling sick and tired? Embrace Vulnerability and turn circumstances into fuel. Make a decision today.

All the details come after you make the decision.

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