Why You Need To Use FaceBook Live

Let’s go Live!

FaceBook live training

Have you been working on using FaceBook Live. Maybe you just have not gotten to that yet. You might be waiting for the perfect time.

Why use FaceBook Live?

You need to use FaceBook Live to connect with your audience. They may read your emails and blog posts, but to see you increases their ability to know, like and trust you. By going live you can interact with them.

Here are some tips for using FaceBook Live:

If you use a phone or tablet, you want to make sure your battery is charged.

You can even use your desktop computer.

Find a location that will connect well with your wifi. If your signal is not strong enough, the broadcast can stop.

Prepare a list of what you want to talk about.

Turn off notifications. This way you will not have interruptions.

Know what your call to action will be for this broadcast.

Do you want people to share this live?

Do you want people to go to your website?

Do you want people to click another link you will put in the comments?

And this is so much more you can do.

Did you know you can download free software to use for your FaceBook Live broadcast? Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) allows you to do many things in FaceBook Live and it can even be used on other websites such as YouTube.

Originally created for gamers to record their online computer time, it includes many features that can be applied to FaceBook Live.

Although is is a free download, there is a learning curve to use it.

Are you ready to go live?

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