New Way To Advertise Your Business

How do you advertise your business?

Existing technology

Have you seen advertisements on billboards?

What about an advertisement on tv?

How about hearing an advertisement on the radio?

And, have you seen “Sponsor” in your FaceBook feed?

These are all places that we come in contact with advertisements.

New Technology

Now there is a new way to share your advertisement with prospective customers. This is a device that can easily go with you or be stored in a convenient location.

You log into each device and create the content (40 characters) and the destination web address to be visited.

Then within 100 yards of the device, anyone with an android that has the blue tooth turned on can see it when they swipe down their notifications.

They can choose to follow the link or not. You can choose what to advertise based on the area.

How to use

Here are some ideas of how you can use it:

Restaurants can have one that sends out a link to daily specials, coupons, and hours of operation.

Realtors can leave one in a house for sale to a link that can include contact information, pricing, times for open house, and a virtual tour.

Service/Repair companies can have a link to their website for contact information. One can be in each of their vehicles.

Want more information?

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