One Thing You Need to do for Success

Taking consistent action


(Notes from Mark Harbert wake-up call 11/8/2016)

The time is now

Going to talk about procrastination.

Looking back over past several years. Started in MLM in 2000. Coming online mid-2008. January 2009 found MLSP. Up to that point a little bit of success, made some money. Best before that about $1,500 in a month.

Stuck in learning mode at MLSP. Started January 2009, not any success online until 2012. During 3 year period mindset in a procrastination mode. “I just need one more … training, course, etc.” That was a huge trap of frustration. Had a profoundly negative effect on me.

You should be getting courses on a regular basis to help build you up, that is a must. Building that habit now is a habit you should be doing. The biggest part of your budget should be personal development. If less than your cable bill, need to reevaluate your priorities. If not, where do your priorities lie? Do you really want to get out of your job.

If you are spending more money on things that don’t produce income. Where do you really want to be? Be honest with yourself. It is such a profound thing. One of the most liberating things you can do in your life. Some so afraid. Not you, you are an entrepreneur. Not one person responsible for your success except you.

Coach not responsible for your success. You have to be honest with yourself or will never move to next step. I was stuck in mode, procrastinating. Was not taking consistent action. Constantly pushing things forward. This is the thing that holds people back. What’s holding you back?

No matter who you are or how successful, everybody has faults. We have weaknesses. Have to recognize and be ok with the fact you are imperfect. Stop trying to live up to a perfection. We tend to strive for perfection. Striving is not a bad thing, but when it holds you back goes into the territory of being bad.

Gotta get moving, doing stuff. Setting up a blog is not bad, funnels too. But when that is used as excuse to keep you from going out and doing a live video or blog post.

Ray Higdon, a friend, mentor to me. He is widely considered to be number one blogger in our space. When he first started around 2010, it was bad. He was blogging daily, the header was 3 quarter width of the blog. Not pretty, but he became number one blogger in our niche. He did what he was supposed to do every single day. Using a blog that was not perfect.

Do the posts now, you can work on the graphics as you go. You have to stop trying to be perfect. Perfectionism is bad in many ways. You should try to be good, but not allow it to stop you from taking action. When it is crappy you really learn.

Tells coaching client you’re going to be doing webinars soon. Your first few are going to be bad, horrible. Just expect it, go do it. My best webinar was $44,000. Not first webinar. That was after years of building a skill brick by brick by brick. Building house one brick at a time. Eventually, you will build an amazing house with a strong foundation. Perfectionism will hold you back. It is about getting better every single day.

“I am getting better and better” motto by Brian Fanale.

First webinar was horrible. But had to go through that learning process. Know how to do it now. You want to put yourself in mindset I am going to get better.

Circumstances. Identify your distractions. Lot of people want a big payday. The problem is in the back of their mind so distracted with gotta pay bills, want to retire, whatever it may be. Gott learn to take that and turn it into fuel to drive you forward.

You dictate your outcome. You decide where you will be five years from now. Have to ask, “What is the worst that can happen?”

Was at the point in 208-2009 literally underwater. Close to foreclosure. Stressed. Remember coming home one day and wife opened my eyes. “Honey, I don’t care about the house. … Lets just sell the house and be done with it.” Became person, I will be happy if I live in card board box. Changed my philosophy.

Gotta block out distractions. Make a decision to stop letting those be my excuses to do the things I am supposed to be doing. If you know you need to make a blog post or video, do it now. What results you see now are results of actions you took 90 days ago. Were you taking the right action. What are you not doing that you need to. Can hire a coach or mentor to point you in right direction.

Don’t need verification from others. Stop wondering and looking for approval from everybody. “Don’t want to look silly.” Are they paying your bills? Then their opinion should be nil.

Time is now, go out and make something happen. Embrace your imperfection. Accept the fact you are not perfect. In today’s market place, people love, they will respect you for authenticity. They don’t want fake. Be you, be your best self. You are going to see different results.

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