Seven Pillars of Online Marketing

Seven pillars of online marketing

(This is to share notes from a call by Ron Gelok on August 30, 2016.)

If you are doing webinars, online videos, or podcasting, these tips will help you connect better with your audience.

1. Big claim or promise
2. Challenge they have to overcome
3. Us Vs Them who is enemy, have they been lied to
4. Credibility – Share your story
5. The time is now to make a change, sense of urgency/scarcity (real, not fake)
6. Objection killing – devil’s advocate
7. Call to Action

Pillar 1:
Big claim or promise

What’s going to happen for viewer or customer?
The biggest result you’re going to help them with.
Why should they watch the entire video or listen to the entire podcast?
Attention is short.
Be very results oriented.
Do “X” to get “Y”.
Good ways to format headlines/ offers.

Pillar 2:
Challenge or problem

Why is audience/ideal prospect struggling with this?
Why have they not been able to fix?
What are the pains/problems of your target audience?
When you can speak to problem, let them know you can communicate
make it clear they have a problem when stating the problem most important part is stating what will happen to them if they don’t fix it.

Cannot make payment, lose their home, go on their credit report, may not be able to buy a home for a long time.

Don’t forecast gloom and doom but get present with it.
If the wound or cut bleeding will get an infection or bleed out if, they don’t address wound.
Say hey you’re bleeding over there, can I help you, give you a band-aid?

A lot of people don’t realize they have a problem until you point it out.

Address problem or challenge.

Pillar 3:
Us vs them

The majority of people don’t like to take personal responsibility for failures or why something is happening to them.
us v them scenario.
create an enemy.
If tax issue enemy uncle sam.
If company not given your right training or upline fault you not taught to sponsor.

Who can be the enemy, have they been lied to, were they promised a dream, what myths need?

To be debunked.

Come on their side of the fence.
Their fault?
I am going to help you fight this enemy.

Pillar 4:
Your credibility

I can be on your side all day.
Why am I qualified to help some?
Share your story.
Not accolade or achievement.
Credibility can come from sharing your story.
If you have struggled with the same problem, you are trying to solve.
Share your real story. Been in the shoes of other.
Why am I the expert?
Have I gone through pieces of training
Have I been plugging in
How many hours of training have you watched
I have spent x hours on training on X

Bonus information
Doing videos
Point camera neck level, point up
like audience looking up at you
like speaking from a stage or higher position

Pillar 5:
Time is now

Make sure they know time is now to make a change
spell out why logical step to take action
if they don’t’ act now, what will happen?

Obviously, if you care about X then you will Y (call to action)

limited number seats, price going up, only work with five people at a time
fear of loss (after five people not taking anymore)

Follow through, keep it at five, put them on waiting list


Pillar 6:
Objection killing

the prospect needs to believe problem mentally and be fixed and I can help them fix it
State objections they have or have not even thought of

Want prospect or target audience not to have reasons/excuses not to get on a list or make a purchase.
Can build into email copy.
Especially if doing a webinar.
Building in presentation or in videos
Establish trust/authority.

So in tune with the customer that you know what they think before they think it.

Pillar 7:
None of this other stuff matters unless you

Call to action

Use this call in some of your own marketing!

Source: 2016 0830 Wake up call with Ron Gelok.


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