Steps You Need To Know For Facebook Lives

1. Find content

You need to find content that is relevant for your audience. This can be your notes from a webinar or other event you have attended. You can find articles in your niche from other websites. You can create new content based on your experience.

2. Study content

If this content is from a blog post, you need to take the time to read through it and write notes about it. What can you put in your own words about it?

3. Create graphic

This is optional. Once you complete the Live, you can edit the picture that shows in the news feed. This can be a graphic that grabs peoples attention. Otherwise, choose one of the 10 still shots of you during the Live.

4. Broadcast Facebook Live

Time to go live. Make sure your battery is charged on your device. You might also want to put your phone in do not disturb mode. And silence any other devices in your area.

Have your notes in a place that you can see them without looking away from the camera. Look at the camera and not your screen (I need to improve on this one.)  There are apps that you can download that will show your notes on the screen.

5. Download copy

You have an option to download on your device once you “Finish” the live. Or you can later download from Facebook. This video can be used in blog posts or to upload to YouTube.

6. Edit Video (Publishing Tools or directly from the post):

 a. add link – when you are linking content about the Live. You can add a link before, but I have found it is easier to create the link from my computer after it is over.

 b. add video title – this shows on the graphic in news feed. It is also the title when you “Boost” a post.

 c. add video tags – tag your content.

 d. choose thumbnail – this is the graphic discussed earlier or choose one of the 10 screen shots they provide.

 e. close caption – many people have the sound off when they scroll through their news feed. After adding caption, you may not be able to edit the post for some time as it processes.

7. Share:

 a. Profile – not all of my Lives are shared to my profile. Just a few from time to time.

 b. Groups – that are relevant to the content. If you are in a challenge group for Lives, make sure and your link to the group.

 c. Vimeo or YouTube – this can be public, or unlisted and then use the link in your blog post.

 d. Twitter

 e. Pinterest

 f. LinkedIn

 g. etc.

8. Post on your website

If you have a blog post about the content, you can embed the YouTube Video that you uploaded. Otherwise you can have a direct link to the Facebook Video. 

9. Email your list

People on your email list may read what you have to say, but video can give them a chance to get to know you better.

10. Boost your post with Facebook ad

When you boost the ad, it can be for a few days. I have heard one leader say they boost for about 3 days. If you do this Monday and Thursday then you will have videos going to your audience on a regular basis.


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