Steps To Using Facebook For Your Network Marketing Business

Using Facebook for your network marketing business. 

No matter what business you have here are some steps to work through. Some things are free, some things need to be in your budget. For example, your business has an advertising budget to ensure people are finding you and you products. 


First of all when getting started out, create a solid foundation for your business. Think about is your business for a product or service? Who is your target audience? Who will be looking for your products or services?

Create an avatar, to know in depth who would be looking for your business. Then you can better provide the type of information they would be looking for. And that would attract them to you and what you have to offer.

Facebook Business Page

Second, build a business page also known as a fan page on Facebook. There are around 6 different types of pages you can create.  Each of these types of pages can offer just what you need. As a network marketer, you could use “Public Figure” to build up your authority on the subject that best describes your products or services.

Once you have your page, you want to get Facebook fans. You can send an invitation to your friends. You might not want to send to all your friends. You can invite based on what applies to them. Or you may choose to keep your friends separate from your business.

Facebook Groups

You can also use Facebook groups. Create a group that would attract people for your product or service. And you can participate in other groups that already exist that work well with your product/service. Be careful not to spam in groups. Be polite and provide value that will show people you are an authority in the particular topic that will attract more people to you and you products.

Facebook Ad

And you can use a Facebook ad to get likes. You want to continue to increase the number of likes on your page, to increase the number of people that see what you have. This is an ongoing process to continue having new people see your products/services.

Engage with your audience.

Do not constantly have links to your products. Rather share plenty of relevant information to your industry. Share motivational quotes and graphics.


Advertise to expand your reach. You can have multiple ads running. One of them can be pinned (at the top) of your page. That ensures that is seen by anyone visiting your page.

Optimize your ads. You may decide to change something like the age range. I have done this when I saw specific age groups were not engaging. That will mean you are reaching a better target, and also means you will have lower costs per engagement.


You can put a pixel on your website to target people. This is called retargeting, meaning people will see you again. You want to make multiple impressions for building a relationship.


You can see there are many things you can do to improve your network marketing business. The number of things you can do, may be a lot to take on by yourself. You are welcome to contact me. We can talk about how you can implement these strategies. Book a free session with me.


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the Visibility Whiz says October 2, 2017

This is a wonderful post, full of good useful information! I’d like to add a really good way to engage with your community is to ask them questions. Leave them open-ended or give them a multiple choice – such as Vanilla or Chocolate. You can also ask them, What would they do if questions. People love giving their opinion on Facebook 🙂

    Julia Atkinson says October 2, 2017

    Great idea, thank you for sharing.

Menaka Bharathi says October 2, 2017

very useful indeed, I have been tryng to get more from facebook and am doing good till now,. I need to target selling my products soon

    Julia Atkinson says October 2, 2017

    Glad you learned from reading this.

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