How to Survive and Thrive Being an Entreprenuer

Adapt and Change


(Erin Birch Wakeup call 11/2/2016 notes)

Did not have guts to meet the leaders a couple of years ago.

A concept, when you apply to business and life will get results.

Most of us don’t do enough.

Not only help you survive, but hoping will help you thrive. More like an ability.

Avoid frustration and heartache. Make you much more effective. Been entrepreneur 20 years. MLM 2 years totally. This has helped me find success.

Applies business, health, and happiness.

#1 thing

There can be a lot of stress as entrepreneurs. Not going to see fruits. Days high, Days low, feel wasted time, no results.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind first 3-6 months. Attraction marketer in MLSP. If not using, there is a better way. This is how you get people to come to you instead of chasing.

In the beginning, certain activities you need to be doing every single day. MLSP back office, Fire Your Boss” Print that, do every day. Game plan – follow that.

In beginning, doing these activities. Valuable content, teaching, stuff you learn, stuff audience wants. Doing every single day. Not seeing results yet.

You are getting results, you just don’t see or feel them yet. By continuing to do activities consistently you are building your audience. They are watching you, just not yet. Will start asking you “What is it you do?” or “Can you help me?”

How apply to your health. Have to have a vision that if you change your diet and start exercising you will lose weight and improve your health. Continual process. Have to be consistent. Results will come. A highly successful person is consistent.

To be successful in business and life have to be able to adapt. Must be able to change. Must be able to see sign when something you do over and over, know on right track, might be a time when you need to tweak what you are doing.

Change basic law of nature. Nothing ever stays the same. Species that survives is the best able to adapt and change.  Don’t have to be brilliant, strongest to be successful. Depends on your ability to adapt and change.

FaceBook changes, you have to be able to adapt.

The Internet changed the entire industry forever. Those who adapted. Some stayed old school. Adaptable hugely successful.

If ate the way I did as a teenager, would be 400 pounds right now. Have to adapt your diet to your age and lifestyle. Have to change your exercise.

Talking to a ton of people and not getting sign ups, maybe need to up posture, closing skills, etc. If talking to 50 people a day and not getting results. May need to change.

I had low email rate, needed to tweak something. Learn copyrighting, your email will skyrocket.

Mark Harbert said on wake up call month and a half ago. Let the market dictate what you are going to learn next. Don’t learn what you will not apply now. Learn when you need a new skill. Save you wasted time you don’t need to know yet.

Just learn when you absolutely need it.

Willing to test and experiment. Going to make mistakes. Think of them as experiments. When first in MLSP 19 months ago. Did not even know how to copy and paste. When having a conversation with somebody, would test what to say. If not favorable reaction, write it down. Tested even introducing 10-day trial, 20 different ways to say that, to see which got me most favorable results. Be aware of what you are doing. Get the results you want

About a year ago, “my entire business is through FaceBook.” If anything happens to FaceBook or it shuts me down broke. “How lame am I if I let that one thought crush me?” Realized need to be a lot more adaptable. I realized I was limiting my thinking like crazy. What works one person might not work for you. Get ideas from somebody else, tweak it until it works for you.

Changing your thought pattern of being so limited, you need to be able to change your thoughts and be changeable. Create another marketing strategy. Need to be able to change it quickly, overnight so you are not wasting time.

Change the details and not the dream.

Be willing to develop, adapt and change.

Applies to your entire life. See someone happy long time, yet don’t do anything about it. They need to change fast.

If don’t like the state of health, recognize that and do something about it. One life, don’t wait around to get better results, do something about it now. If in a relationship with someone not good for you, you need to get out. Recognize the signs right away.

Failure to recognize signs are going to hold you back. Be open and willing to adapt, change and develop. Being flexible going to make you more successful. Will enjoy the process of your business more.

Just because someone strategy is a capture page a  day. If you social, go for

If you have good communication skills use them. Can grow 6 figure business.

Add techy stuff when needed. Blue personality. Want to do things every day enjoy.

If you continue to do what is not working will make you frustrated, irritable and unhappy. When you open yourself up and let intuition tell you things, it is rarely wrong. Test, is it written in stone? No. Could change your business.

On my wall I have a black board. Tony Robinson said, “at any given moment one decision can change your life forever.”

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