This Recruiting Playbook Saved Me

Before using LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook I had not spent much time adding connections to LinkedIn (even though I had my account with them since 2006). I only had 101 connections when I started implementing the strategies I learned.

After completing the training from LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook, I was able to invite over 3,600 people, with over 800 accepting my invitations (22.2% of acceptance) and over 40 people sent me an invitation.

I would highly recommend this course as gives you the tools that help you improve your profile and also teaches you how to connect with and interact with new connections.

Updated 8/13/2018:

Wow, this course really helped me through a time I could not be online. My mom broke her leg June 1, 2018. I did invite some on June 1 and 2. But no more invitations from me until August 10.

You see mom was in the hospital until June 27. During that time I spent so much time at the hospital. It was a long drive to and from there, so when I was home it was just to sleep a few hours and head back. The WiFi at the hospital was not working most of the time, besides not always able to think clearly enough to work.

When she moved to a rehab/nursing home the WiFi worked there, but I got sick, and then dad got sick.  Thankfully he and I are better and I am getting more rest.

So how did it go on LinkedIn?

I was amazed that even though I was not sending out invitations, there were so many new connections. 

  • December 4, 2017 to June 2, 2018 - 4,950 invited
  • June 2, 2018 to August 13, 2018 - 267 new connections
  • Plus 71 invitations to me
  • Current connections - 1,678

It took some time to greet all the new connections. And then time to accept new invitations and greet them. I am still working on the invitations to me. And have started inviting a few people.

Thankfully what I had learned from LinkedIn Recruiting Playbook, kept my business growing while I took care of family.

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