Time for Successful Transition


Time for successful Transition


(Notes from wake up call, Ron Gelok 10/21/2016)

Always changing, going into diff seasons.

Tread marks picture in a bunch of mud. A rut. What does that mean for your business? A rut, when you see those marks on the road, cars have been driving in this over and over. Comfortable for cars to stay in a rut. Almost like a track. Their dirty, messy, depressing. Metaphorically, what do you want to do when in a rut? Some keep driving through. Other people get stuck. Get out of the car, abandon, stop. Might look like stopping home business, canceling membership to tools. Not good solutions. Really, what we need to do is turn car a little to left or right, get out and make new tread marks.

Where are the areas you are doing the same thing over and over? Comfortable but not at the level you know you are capable of. Some want Ferrari, etc. Ron a jeep guy. We are made to pursue new paths. As an entrepreneur, while learning need to get off the road and get dirty. Definitely not stay in a rut.

Was in an organization. Cross recruiting was ok. Cannibalize each other sales team. Canceled everything (membership, auto ) People asked why. Needed to transition. Was hanging on to income stream tight with both hands.

There may be things in business need to stop, keeping you stuck in rut.

Make two fists, imagine throwing a ball to you. Can’t catch this new thing, too busy gripping with hands closed. Not openness or receptiveness.

If walk away from income, safety net disappears.

A lot of things hold us back, fear of the unknown, fear of what if.

Don’t want to let go. Pain in letting go. Have to turn to new direction.

Up til this time in your life, some things have served you very well. If looking to transition have to be grateful for the experience you had, mature. Grieve, say goodbye, embrace change, future, and unknown.

Where will you be if don’t let go? Looking to move forward. Here to have growth. Transition out of low-level income. Move into something, you are passionate about. What decisions and actions?

What are not healthy, not serving you? Am I willing to let those go? Let go of past, let go of hindrance. Still, time where you have to be grateful for what you have.

Need to embrace the unknown, uncertainty.

Embrace that the change and blessing that is coming into your life is good.


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