Tips to Inspire Others

The prodigal husband


(2016 1010 Wake up call Larry Hochman)

To listen to the call.

1999 just starting out, Internet was not the same as now. Were not the same people then either.

Diane got into business for the product.

No YouTube, FaceBook, MLSP then. A lot of people building locally.

Diane got results from the product. She was invited to an opportunity meeting.

Larry saw room full of people (happy, clappy, jumping up and down crazy people.)

Knew was not happy. Blame everyone and everything for the lack.

Room freezing cold. Warm October day. Arms folded. Closed body posture.

Prodigal husband, negative spouse. Did not want to have anything to do with this.

Masters in counseling. Degree in leadership to become a principal. These people were
happy and making money and enjoying each other’s company.

Huddled into a ball. 3 hour drive home. Along the way evolved into Diane growing and
becoming the Diane world knows now.

Had a choice. Was not ready to let go.

Plug into this story wherever you are
Wasn’t ready to let go of blaming everyone.
At some point mad, decision that staying where I was and comfort of blaming, I am smarter, more degrees, etc. But they are having fun, making money, getting healthier.

Watching train pull away. What do I want to do with my life? Spend every day getting up
going to same place being in same woeful negativity.

Not hating life – that is healthy – easier to make a decision. Know got to be something

Days you wake up and settle. Crappy but comfort place.

If you have a prodigal in your life, not on board with where you are.
How get husband/wife to see what I see?
You do the thing. Spend all day trying to convince.
Can be anyone in your life, spouse or prospects.
How get them to throw down?
You commit to
feeling better every day
take a chance
get the buzz from that feeling
at some point hits critical mass

Relationships get whicky whacky

People n your life made a decision to be with you want what is best for you. When you
throw down (business, relationship, )
When you become the best you you can be you inspire people to go with you.

Next meeting, room temp better. Clapped. Grabbed the microphone and spoke.
Internal conversation – who do you want to be
Little failures you learn to laugh at and knock out of ballpark
Things that used to bother do not anymore.
Now all of the sudden ppl are saying Hey aren’t you _____?
Relationship you have shift
Relationship gets blown apart
Much more often relationship heal

relationships that are freed get strengthened

Look at some of relationship in your life of live of people close to you. Never change because you say

You have to do this. They change because you let your best self come out.

When somebody gives you jab at work, take the bait, disengage with them. Or say/think this beneath what I am willing to accept. Graciously detach from self.

That’s when you get the prodigal spouse, or family member.
Have to stay in ballgame long enough to make all these things happen.

When you get that Lexus, that weekend when hanging with friends, could be you pay off debt, or have enough money to have $20 in pocket, bring flowers home. Get reward moment when you step into being that person. Let your best self come out.

Prodigal husband comes home not because someone threatened, or said your bad you should think differently. But because of role model in life.
Laughing at mistakes
create place in heart and head for that person to come home

That is where magic happens
Culture Brian and Mel built at MLSP

Does not matter Level we are moving in the same direction. If need something happens fast, you do it. If step in at your own pace that is great. We are all going to get to that place in our own time frame. MLSP safe place to build yourself.
Take that energy, and maybe your are that person or living with that person. Create a safe place, be a person that lets that evolve.


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