Top 10 Rules For Success You Need To Know!

Let’s be successful

10 tips for success

(Erin Burch wake-up call notes 2/3/2017)

Came into this industry with no experience. Did not even know how to copy and paste. Only 5-10% highly successful.

Start applying these tips now. Will be hugely successful.

1 Highly successful people have deep understanding of what they want in life and why

Will keep you ultra focused. If not clear easy to quit. Not lead you to success. Going to get rough. Not 100% clear on your why will quit on yourself.

Get very clear. Do visualization.

2 Need to develop an I don’t care what anybody else thinks” attitude.

If not seeing resistance, your goal is not big enough. Caring about the opinion of other will ensure you never follow through on your goal. When you no longer care, you become completely unstoppable.

3 Commitment

Burning ship, go for it kind of mentality. Some people say “I will try it.” Those that say will do no matter what will find success. Take persistence, consistency, and patience. Be clear you are doing this no matter what.

If you cannot make the commitment to yourself, will work hard, take time off, work hard, time off. Start and stop will not build momentum. Keep going no matter what.

4 Belief

Your belief. Need deep-seated personal belief you can do that. What do you do if not? Change your mindset. Reprogram brain to “I can do this.” Can change thought pattern, new reality.

5 Act as if…

Act as if you are already the person you want to become.

Act as if you are already a leader.

Have to start acting like the person you want to be then the results will come. Project energy you are that already, people will listen to you and join you.

Don’t wait a year, do it now. Force yourself until no big deal.

6 Communication skills

Solid speaking skills most important skills to have in LIFE, not just business. Become a master at small talk. Practice on people everywhere. That leads to building repoire.

Bonus qualities ability to empathize with people and read people. Listen to what people are telling you. Talk to them like a human being, not just a number. Show some sympathy. Will be better able to help this person.

Read people, a lot of times not what they say. Energy and vibration you are getting from this person. Boost your communication skills. Top in an industry is a master in communication.

7 Burning to always get better

A desire to improve skill sets. A desire to never stay in place you are. always be growing.

8 Choose very carefully who you surround yourself with

You earn the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Also the attitude of those. Are you with supportive people or negative nellies? Change circle of influence if negative.

Nice when surrounded by people of great influence. Then you hear them in your head. Someone with great positive energy.

9 Be willing to adapt

Have to be flexible and willing to adapt. Circumstances change. Especially working online. Things change all the time. If not flexible will end up quitting.

Grow an email list, so if social media shuts you down, you still have your list. If highly adaptable, will move on and find another way to market your business.

True entrepreneur expects bumps in the road. That is just part of life.

10 Be honest

Have integrity. If not being honest, you will be discovered. If you say dishonest things and people join you, they will quit. Be transparent. End of the day, all we have is our integrity.

Bonus: Gratitude

When you express gratitude, amazing things happen. You attract more things to be grateful for. More good stuff coming your way. Show gratitude and more things will come your way.

We have control over our lives. Be the driver of your own destiny, not just a passenger.  A wasted purpose is a shame. If have purpose and not pursuing, huge disservice.

These tips will help you get there. Have to be ultra consistent with all these tips. Not going to find success when lacking any of these. Write your own list and read it every single morning.

If still no success, mindset. Reprogram it. Replace crap with positive enforcing beliefs. Will become completely unstoppable. Worth 5 minutes a day.

Figure out your purpose and pursue it.

What is on your top ten list?

Post your comments below.

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