How to use FaceBook Messenger Video

Send video messages to friends

When you are using FaceBook to connect with customers and prospects, you now have the option to send them a video message.

Instructions on iPhone.

1. Open Messenger app

2. Choose the person you want to send a message to from one of the following areas. Or you can even search at the top the screen.

You first see recent messages.

Next, you see “ACTIVE NOW” list.

Below that you see “FAVORITES.”

And then you see “MORE CONVERSATIONS.”


3. At the bottom of the screen press on the camera icon. If necessary change the view (forward or rear camera).

4. Press and hold the white button at the bottom of the screen.

5. After recording, you have a return button if you want to redo or send button if you want to send it.


Once you have sent the recording, you can see it in the message box. From there you have the choice to “Forward Message” to other friends. Not all contacts were showing in the list, but there is a search box at the top of the screen.

Also, you might want to know, that just like with FaceBook Live, it is a mirror, therefore, anything with text will show backward.

Go here to watch my FaceBook Live video about using FaceBook Messenger Video. On YouTube.

Have you sent a video with FaceBook messenger yet?



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Pam says October 11, 2016

Very good idea for those that want to see their loved ones who live far away! Also good for a quick piano lesson…especially those that do not have an iPhone for FaceTime.

    Julia Atkinson says October 11, 2016

    Great idea. I had not thought of using it for training.

Stephanie says October 11, 2016

Oh great idea! You know, I had no idea you could do this!

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