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Stencil for Graphics

You can use Stencil to create graphics for websites and social media.


I love there are so many backgrounds to choose from. There are over 850,000 photos available for backgrounds. It would be helpful if you could resize or better adjust them. The search feature lets you see pictures that match. For example, I wanted a picture for a quote “Rocks don’t move.” I found various rocks that would work and saved a few images with the quote on it. Then I went back through the saved ones and found the one I wanted to post.

Icons & Graphics

There are icons that can be used also, I just change the color to match my website colors. I had a post about photography and used an icon of a camera, changing it to my color (990099). These can be resized. You can upload your own graphics/photos. These can be resized also.


You can choose from some graphics that already have a background and text that you can change. This may be handy if you need to prepare a graphic quickly and do not want to start from scratch. [bctt tweet=”You can choose from some graphics that already have a background/text you can change.” username=”jtatkinson”]


You can search and then click the quote you want. This puts the quote in one text box and the author’s name in another text box below it. The are different fonts. You can resize the boxes and move them around to fit with the background or icons you choose. Here is a video of creating a quote graphic in less than 30 seconds using Stencil.

Saved Images

When I download each image, I just rename it for SEO and ease of finding on my hard drive later. You can choose from various sizes that include posts and banners. So once you create an image, click save and then choose another size and save it too.

Why I switched from Canva

I had used Canva and have many graphics. But once I purchased Stencil it was so much easier to create graphics. Additionally, with Canva you continually have to pay for individual items that you add. And then it is for one-time use. Once I create a graphic on Stencil, I can use it as many times as I like, in my blog, on social media or my email. There are different price plans to choose from. Sign up with Stencil and see for yourself how easy it is to make your graphics.

What graphics program do you use?

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Wendy says December 21, 2016

I use Canva and Pic monkey. I will have to check it out! Thanks you for sharing. I’ve never heard of Stencil before.

    Julia Atkinson says December 21, 2016


    I still have my accounts with Canva and PicMonkey, but have only used Stencil for a few months now.

Adelien Tan says December 21, 2016

I use Picmonkey, Promo Republic, and Design Bold. I purchased the last ones in a lifetime promo from Appsumo.

    Julia Atkinson says December 21, 2016


    I love Appsumo. They always offer such great prices for products. I will look at Promo Republic and Design Bold. That must have been before I joined Appsumo.

Vicky says January 11, 2017

I use Canva but would be interested in trying this out as I get frustrated with it. Thanks for the tips!

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