Way To Change Your Future In 5 Minutes A Day

Realize how valuable you are

Thoughts -> Reality

(Erin Birch Wake-up call 1/6/2017 notes)

Brian Fanale: Show up every week for your business.

Erin Birch:

Need to invest in yourself. First four months $300. Realized doing it wrong. Made decision to figure out what the top earners in this industry were doing differently.

Found MLSP. Invested in education and skill set. So worth it. Because now have the skill set and mind set to never have to worry about money anymore.

Learn the right way, build your brand, engage your audience, sell to your audience. So many opportunities will come your way.

100’s and 1,000’s of opportunities will come your way.

Share a couple of ways now that marketing down.

Sign up for $10 trial.

Would have lost house if not found MLSP.

Way to change future in 5 min a day.

Are you applying what you are learning?

Beginning of whole new year.

What is it that attracts you to a person?
Their energy and passion. Something you feel.
That energy and passion are what allows people to have influence.

What kind fo energy and passion are you putting out?

Is your audience feeling the energy and passion coming from you?

If not, they will follow someone else.

If don’t know what passion is, watch last 3 weeks webinars.

Got to find it. Sit down and brainstorm everything that gets your blood flowing.
Do you love
inspiring people
your product

When you find your passion and your voice, use it in your marketing. This will explode your business.

Use passion in all of your marketing, email, social media posts, videos, etc.

Your beliefs or lack of beliefs in yourself and products is reflected onto your audience. They feel it.

It is a lack of confidence. Want to join someone who displays a lack of confidence. Lack of belief causes lack of posture. That is critical to get people to join you.

When your prospects and potential customers know you have no doubt, they listen to what you have to say.

Where is it? Why lack? If you are not feeling it, help you today.

There is something you are telling yourself over and over that is causing you self-sabotage.

Any thought in your mind will be imprinted into your subconscious. The subconscious cannot tell difference between real and imagined.

It believes because does not know if made up or real.

Be aware they are just thoughts they are not facts. Once repeat in your head, something someone told you in past, then kept telling yourself.

Your thoughts create your reality. By changing your thoughts you will create a new reality for yourself.

Start paying attention to your thought. Be self-aware.

Find yourself saying something like “that was dumb.” Write down negative thoughts.
For next 90 days think back into your past and remember a time you felt most confident.
Relive that event 10 times.

Only takes 60-90 days to reprogram your brain.

Visualize what you want as happening now, not in the future.

Acknowledgment technique.

Make list of 15 to 20 things you are good at, make you feel good,

Good friend
good cook
good bowler
people like me

This creates a vibration of success.

Spend 5 a day minutes thinking about the things that make you feel good about yourself.

10 min a day. If only have 5 min do one of these each day.

Stop making excuses for yourself. Convince yourself these things are true.

When you believe, you can’t help but project it in your world. People feel that confidence.

That is when people are totally attracted to you.

Change mindset, the perception of self.

Are you worth 5-10 min a day?

You have the power to do this. You have the choice to do the work. Or remain in a state of self-sabotage.

If you don’t change, nothing in your life will.

Think about what an amazing spring you will have. You have the power to do this. Just have to do it.

You are worth it. Everybody has value. Realize how valuable you are.


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