Why You Need to be Using PostPlanner to Schedule Social Media

Automate your social media updates!

Do you want to save time in the long run? Then you want to use PostPlanner for your social media posts.

What is PostPlanner?

Post Planner allows you to put the same content on multiple social media accounts at one time. If you go to FaceBook and post all of your content at one time, people that are online then can see it in their newsfeed. It is better to have it post over a period of time, allowing more people to see your information in their newsfeed.


It takes about the same amount of time to create a post in PostPlanner as it takes to create one in FaceBook, you have so much more power. One reason is that you can create one post and have it sent to more than one account.

For example, you have your personal page on FaceBook, and your fan page for your business and can set the same post to create on them both. At the same time, it can be created for your Twitter account.

You can choose to have it “Share Next,” “Share Now,” or Schedule. “Share Next” puts it at the top of your list for the times you have selected for that account. “Share Now” means it will be immediate, this may be handy for an upcoming event. And schedule puts it at the bottom of the current list.

As you add content, you can choose whether each post will recycle. Of course, if there is a time limit on the content, you would not choose to click recycle.

You can look at the posts you have scheduled and see how many days you are scheduled. Additionally, you can look at the content that has already been posted. This can be handy to choose posts that you want to repost or perhaps add to the recycle.

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Sveta says November 16, 2016

Thanks for this overview of Post Planner! We appreciate it!

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    Glad you enjoyed.

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Going to check it out right now! Thanks!!

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